TWISTED woven endless round belts, twisted woven rope belts, twisted woven O-ring. These are truly endless belts, the joint of the belt gets builded-up in the weaving itself. These are made in Nylon, Polyester and Kevlar yarn.  These are extensively used in textile, spinning, woollen mills.  These drive belts are quite suitable for machine tool industry. These replacement belts can be supplied on wooden board to make sure the accurate size. These rope belts can also be made in INTERLOCK weaving for high speed rotations. These belts are specially treated with industrial chemicals to reduce the elongation and to make the resistance against high temperature.

These belts can be made either in twisted or interlock weaving in the following sizes.

Diameter  :  3 to 24 MM or 0.13" to 2"

Length       :  360 MM or 14" to unlimited endless length.​​

  Drop Hammer Lifting Belts

100% pure nylon belts . These are made in 4 ply and 6 ply weaving types. These belts are well known across the country as Chemical belts or Yellow  Nylon Belts.
Thickness :  4 to 24 MM
Width        :   1" to 24"
Length      :   50 & 100 Mtr. rolls ​

Woven endless flat belts made with Nylon, Polyester, Cotton, Kevlar and mix of Nylon Cotton. These flat drive belts are made in two different weaving types, plain weaving and round edge weaving. Round edge flat belts are premium quality belts. They can withstand in high RPM, less elongation and high heat generation applications. These woven belts are very much rigid in nature. Solid woven flat belts can be made in two different colours, White and Yellow. These belts are specially treated with industrial chemicals to suit for varied range of machines. These belts are extensively used in packing section of different industries like Pharma, Tobacco, Cigarette, Carton Packing Machines and many other conveyor belting applications. These tailor made truly seamless belts can be made as per following specifications.

Length        :  150 MM to 6000 MM or 6" to 250"

Width         :  10  to 2000 MM or 0.39" to 72"

Thickness  :  3 to 24 MM or 0.13" to 2"


Interlock woven nylon rope. Most suitable rope for lifting and marine applications. We make these ropes as per below specifications.

Diameter : 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8"

Length      : 50 Mtr. & 100 Mtr. roll 

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Round Endless Belts

Round ropes with heat resistance, less elongation and long durable ropes characteristics especially invented for heat setting machines. These ropes are made with Kevlar, Nomex and Nylon ropes. 

Diameter - 3 to 10 MM

Length      - 300 to 10000 MM

High quality nylon belts for belt driven lifting applications. We make these belts in 4 Ply and 6 Ply weavings as per the below specifications.

Thickness : 3/8", 1/2" and  5/8"

Width        :  1" to 24"

Length       :  50 Mtr. or 100 Mtr .

​Perlon Ropes for carding machines. These elastic rope belts are popularly used in carding division of the spinning mills and in some packing machines. Renowned carding machines like REITER, LAKSHIMI RIETER and TRUTZSCHLER need following size perlon rope belts.

2390 X 10 MM and 1340 X 10 MM​​

Sewing Machine Belts

Chirala Handloom Belts

Flat Endless Belts


Sewing Machine Nylon belts.  We make Sewing machine Motor belts and Sewing machine Pedal belts. Our pedal belts are made in two varieties. Premium quality treadle belts, there are very much rigid in nature and no elongation. Regular quality belts are plain weaving belts and no elongation and moderate rigid. Our nylon pedal belt has iron tip in one end, other end is having built-in sling which comes in the weaving itself. These belts can be replaced within a minute and no efforts are required, replacing is not that difficult like sewing machine leather belts. Our pedal belt rates are very much low cost than the leather belts. Nylon motor belts we make for industrial and domestic sewing machines. Hand-loom sewing machine rope, handmade sewing machine belt, handmade motor belt are made as per the following sizes.

Pedal Belt or Treadle Belt                    Nylon Motor Belt

Length        :  1830 MM Or 72"                             Length        :  375 MM to 1000 MM or 14" to 40"

Thickness  :  4 to 5 MM                                          Thickness  :  4 to 5 MM