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Chirala Handloom Belts


      Our distinctive products are well known in the industrial belting markets as Hand-Loom Woven Belts, as our belts are produced through hand-loom weaving. Our belts and ropes are using in the following industries.  


  • Bucket elevator belts and drier elevator belts for Modern Rice Mills,
  • Nylon lifting belts for Belt Drop Hammer Machines,
  • Spinning, Textile, Weaving and Woollen Mills,
  • Packing Machine Tapes and Belts
  • Cotton Ginning Mills,
  • Pantograph Milling Machine Drive Belts
  • Cigarette Making Machines, 
  • Cigarette Filter Making Machines, 
  • Nylon Rope, Nomex Rope and Kevlar Rope
  • Heat setting machines, Yarn treatment machine ropes
  • Hand-loom Woven Industrial Belts,
  • Drop Stamp Belts, Rope Kevlar, BE. MA. Tex VA Model 20
  • Friction Drop Hammer Belts, 
  • Hammer Lifting Belts, 
  • Nylon Lifting Belts for Forging Hammer,
  • Truly endless belts, 
  • Nylon belts for shot blasting machines,
  • Biscuit & Bread, Bakery & Chocolate Industry,
  • Nylon Sling Belts,
  • Twisted O-Ring Belts,
  • Drive belts for Machine Tools, 
  • Quick Connect Hook Belts, 
  • Chirala Rice Mill Belts,
  • Handmade belts.
  • Ropes Kevlar SAVIO
  • Conveyor Belts, Bucket Elevator Belts, Drier Elevator Belts.
  • Hammer lifting Ropes
  • Garniture Tapes and Suction Tapes
  • Nylon check straps. Shuttle loom belts
  • Woven round endless belts
  • Twisted Round Belts
  • Rotatory Modular Belts
  • Friction Drop Hammer Belts
  • Volufil Ropes
  • Superba heat setting machine ropes
  • Nomex Ropes, Yarn Bulking Machine Ropes