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Chirala Handloom Belts

Innovative Belting Solutions for...


      Our distinctive products are well known in the industrial belting markets as Hand-Loom Woven Belts, as our belts are produced through hand-loom weaving. Our belts and ropes are using in the following industries.  


  • Nylon Bucket elevator belt Manufacturers in India. Nylon drier elevator belt Manufacturers in India
  • Nylon lifting belts for Belt Drop Hammer Machines, 
  • Packing Machine Tapes and Belts, Cotton Ginning Mills, Pantograph Milling Machine Drive Belts
  • Cigarette Making Machines, Cigarette Filter Making Machines, 
  • Nylon Rope, Nomex Rope and Kevlar Rope, Heat setting machines, Yarn treatment machine ropes
  • Hand-loom Woven Industrial Belts, Drop Stamp Belts, Rope Kevlar, BE. MA. Tex VA Model 20
  • Friction Drop Hammer Belts, Hammer Lifting Belts, 
  • Nylon Lifting Belts for Forging Hammer, Truly endless belts Manufacturers, 
  • Nylon belts for shot blasting machines,  Biscuit & Bread, Bakery & Chocolate Industry,
  • Nylon Sling Belts, Twisted O-Ring Belts, Drive belts for Machine Tools, Quick Connect Hook Belts, 
  • Chirala Rice Mill Belts, Kevlar PBO belts, Ropes Kevlar SAVIO, Conveyor Belts, Bucket Elevator Belts, Drier Elevator Belts.
  • Hammer lifting Ropes, Garniture Tapes and Suction Tapes, Nylon check straps. Shuttle loom belts
  • Woven round endless belts, Twisted Round Belts, Rotatory Modular Belts, ​Friction Drop Hammer Belts
  • Volufil Ropes Kevlar, Superba heat setting machine ropes , Glass Tampering machine Kevlar Rope, Yarn Bulking Machine Ropes
  •  Nylon Endless Rope Belt Manufacturers India, Nylon Endless Cord Manufacturers India,
  • Pantograph Machine Belt Manufacturers India, Shot Blasting Machine Belt Manufacturers India,  Nylon Conveyor Belt Manufacturers India, Nylon Sandwich Belt Suppliers in Hyderabad, Rubber Nylon Belts in Chennai
  • Cotton Conveyor Belt Manufacturers India, Biscuit Machine Conveyor Belt Manufacturers India, Woven Belt Manufacturers India
  •  Kevlar Belt Manufacturers India, Garniture Tape Manufacturers India, Suction Tape Belt Manufacturers India
  • Nylon Endless Belt Manufacturers India, Nylon Belts for Shot Blasting Machines, Perlon Rope Manufacturers India 
  • Kevlar Rope Manufacturers in USA, Savio Volufil Rope Manufacturers, Nomex Ropes for Volufil Multicone Machine
  • Kevlar Halats ,Round Endless Belts for Savio Volufil, Twisted Endless Belt Manufacturers, Perlon Ropes, Carding Machine Belts
  • Belts, Elastic rubber Belt Manufacturers, Spindle Drive Belt Manufacturers, CNC Machine Belt Manufacturers, 
  • Kevlar Belt Manufacturers, Heat Resistant Belt Manufacturers, Polyester Belt Manufacturers, 
  • Sewing Machine Motor Belt Manufacturers, Rice Mill Belt Manufacturers, Cotton Woven Belt Manufacturers, 
  • ​Kevlar PBO belt Manufacturers in India, Kevlar PBO Roller Tube Manufacturers in India, Biscuit Machine Belt Manufactures in India, Kevlar Rope Manufactures for glass tampering machines in India, Kevlar Endless Felt Manufacturers in India, Aluminium extrusion plant belt manufactures in India, Nylon Rubber Sandwich Belt Manufacturers, Leather Nylon Sandwich Belt manufactures in India, Nylon Rubber Sandwich Belt Manufacturers, Nylon Leather Sandwich Belt Manufacturers in India