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  • Tailor-Made belting solutions in truly endless form.
  • ​Few many options to choose right raw material based on machine requirements or client specifications. 
  • Distinct weaving types.
  • Life of our belt would be more than triple when compared to machine made belts, prices are most competitive.
  • Negligible elongation, it stretches once or maximum twice and once it stops stretching there would be no further elongation.
  • Our belts are given special treatments or polishings based on application to make them more appropriate to the machine.
  • The special treatment reduces the weight of the belt, makes the belt very much rigid in nature and solid.

  • As the weight is very less power consumption comes down and about 40% of power can be saved.
  • As our nylon conveyor belts are less in weight and there would be no load on the bearing and as such the life of bearing will definitely increase.
  • As there is no layering concept in our belts there is no layer tear off problems. 
  • Rubber Nylon Sandwich Belting, Leather Nylon Sandwich Belting, Customised belting solutions.
  • ​Kevlar heat resistant belts for aluminium extrusion plants.
  • ​​Percentage of broken rice can be reduced (In Rice Industry). 


     Round Endless Rope Belt

Cover Feeder Round Endless Belt

Biscuit Conveyor Belt


  CHIRALA HANDLOOM BELTS was started with the aim of producing high performance, cost effective and long durable industrial belts and ropes. Our eccentric belts and ropes are produced through the Art-of-Hand-loom weaving and they are best known for their superior quality and performance. Manufacturing of hand-loom industrial belts was started by our ancestors and we are continuing.... Our woven industrial products have many unmatched characteristics when these are compared with the machine made belts and ropes. Our product manufacturing process is being done by well experienced weavers on specially designed wooden looms. Chirala Beltings was started manufacturing of hand-loom woven industrial belts in the year 2010. Continuously evolving and inventing tailor-made belting solutions for all kinds of industrial machines. We are producing the belts under the brand of Eccentric Belts, our belts & ropes have earned a significant place in the belting market. Our belts are well known and gained great reputation in the industries like Forging, Rice Mills, Textile and Spinning, Cigarette, Agriculture, Pharmacy and Packing. 
​  Our products are made with different kinds of raw materials sourced from prominent suppliers and different weaving types. Predominantly we use NYLON, POLYESTER and COTTON yarn as our raw materials. We also use raw materials like KEVLAR, NOMEX, TEFLON/PTFE and mix of Nylon Cotton yarn for specific customers and applications. Primarily we manufacture truly endless belts or super endless belts or seamless belts. These belts we make in different weaving types known as plain weaving, round edge weaving, twisted weaving and interlock weaving. Based on the certain parameters like RPM, heat generation over pulleys, distance between the pulleys and load over the belt decides the type of weaving and raw materials to be used.