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Chirala Handloom Belts


 ​​Vital Products  

Drive belts, V Belts, Woven endless web, Rotatory Modular Belts, Replacement Belts, Horological machine belts.

Twisted woven round belts, interlock woven round belts, flat endless and continuous belts.


​​Forging hammer lifting belts, Friction drop hammer lifting belts & Nylon Pull Cord Ropes. 


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Domestic & Industrial sewing machine motor belts, Sewing machine pedal belts and  Treadle sewing machine belts.

​​ Dear visitor,

      If you are in need of any kind of industrial belts then we are the right source to cater your belting needs with our eccentric belting products. We manufacture industrial belts through the Art of Hand-loom weaving. We can make the belts as per the specification provided by the clients, the offered industrial belting products can be customized at our end. 

      As a reputed class work we follow our tradition by keeping this hand weaving work alive in India and very proud to serve these exclusive super endless belts for machine handling.

     We start with a lengthy string, make an endless wrap out of it through the Art-Of-Hand-loom and then weave it on specially designed hand-looms. The joint of the any endless product we make comes in the weaving itself. There would not be any knot in the belt, we don't use any tools or methods or processes or joining solutions to build the joint.

        "Eccentric Innovation is crucial to the continuing success of any organization"



Rice mill belts. Bucket elevator belts, Drier elevator belts and  Transmission belts.


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